Looking for Alternatives?

Have you tried meds? Have you tried talk therapy? Have you tried group therapy? Looking for an alternative solution? Mind Body Psychotherapy can help you. Developed specifically to treat trauma, Mind/Body Psychotherapy activates your own powerful internal healing systems.


take control of



When you are triggered by old emotional wounds, your behavior is driven by this hurt even though it is in the past. You are not in control; your younger wounded self is in control and driving your feelings and behaviors. When this old emotional wound is healed, then you are in control of your life.

Dorothy Husen, Therapist
stop talking


When we talk about our problems, it's hard. Sometimes we don't know what is wrong. Sometimes there's not enough time to tell all that is wrong! In mind - body therapy we FEEL what is going on in our BODY, we don't need to talk about it, we feel the sensations...and we let our BODY DO THE TALKING! We learn to listen to the messages. Get out of your head, and into your body. Stop talking, Start Living!




Dorothy Husen, Therapist
Dorothy Husen, Therapist

Dorothy Husen, Therapist


Your Greatest Self.


You have strengths and talents that you are unaware of. Therapy is like an exploration expedition of YOU! As we begin to explore, we work our way through the challenges that are keeping you stuck. What we discover is your greatest, highest, most excellent self!

Question,"In your experience, how has Mind/Body Psychotherapy surprised you?"
Answer: "I was literally feeling like I was getting weeks of therapy in one session. I was experiencing major breakthroughs on a regular basis, which I did not have in traditional [talk] therapy."







Question, "How would you describe the challenges and benefits in your life?"

Answer: "At the beginning I felt scared of the intensity, but I learned to trust it and trust that my body and mind would guide me to do the work I needed to do."....."I made so many changes in my life since doing mind/body therapy...I gained self love, confidence, and compassion for myself. I learned to breathe and relax and be able to handle situations in a healthy way instead of being overwhelmed by my emotions."

Question: "What is the difference between talk therapy and mind/body sessions for you?"

Answer: "I had years of traditional [talk] therapy and could only go so far. With mind/body therapy changes occurred quickly in my life, which is like nothing I had experienced in traditional [talk] therapy.